Tired of your criminal record holding you back? Isn't it time for a fresh start?

Mistakes happen. But a past criminal act doesn't have to hold you back any longer. Put the Law Office of Brandan Davies LLC to work cleaning up your criminal record to give you a fresh start.

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A conviction on your record doesn't have to stop you from getting a good job. It doesn't have to stop you from getting a professional license. It doesn't have stay on your record. Click here for expungment information.



See where you fit in. Expungements don't just happen and not everyone is eligible. Find out if the crime you were convicted of is eligible to be removed from your record in the relevant jurisdiction.



You need an advocate on your side, an attorney who knows the expungement process and can fight for you. The difference between a tarnished criminal record and a clean record can often be determined by the council one retains. Click here for pricing.

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