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Find out just how affordable and profitable a clean criminal record can be.

The expungement process can be complicated. You need an advocate who knows the ropes and can tip the scales in your favor. We help people clean up their record in Kansas and we may be able to help you.

Are you tired of not being able to find a job?

In a bad job market having a criminal record can be a professional death sentence. With competition for work being at an all-time high many employers will only look to candidates without criminal records. Leaving many qualified people a with distant criminal past without a place to turn for work. Some professions simply will not hire a candidate with a criminal past no matter what the circumstances. Don't let an error in your past keep you from being a success. Get your criminal record cleaned up to give yourself an advantage when applying for jobs.

Are you tired worrying about when your record is going to catch up with you?

Everytime you apply for a job, a loan, a place to live, do you fear that someone will uncover your criminal past? After you get your record expunged you won't have to worry anymore. You criminal record can be taken back and erased. No more embarrassing denials or job offers rescinded after the employer discovers your record. No more wondering if someone is going to find out about a past criminal act.

Are you tired of making less money than you deserve?

In general, a person with a criminal record will make significantly less money than a person with a similar skill set that has a clean criminal record. A small investment in cleaning up your criminal record can pay huge dividends over the course of a person's working life. A clean criminal record is often just the catalyst to receiving profitable job, entry into a particular school program, or recieving a professional license. The cost of cleaning up a criminal record is often offset by a higher income from a more lucrative or prestigious employment

The choice of a lawyer is an important decision and should not be based solely upon advertisements.
Past results afford no guarantee of future results and every case is different and must be judged on its own merits.